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Achieve Radical Resilience
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Radical Resilience to Keep Your Business Running

In the context of radical resilience, innovation and creativity play a crucial role. Individuals and communities are actively exploring new ideas, technologies, and approaches to problem solving. This proactive stance allows them to navigate challenges with resourcefulness and ingenuity.

We enable organizations to complete their cyber resiliency strategy with best-in-class data security, data recovery, and data freedom.


Data Security

Multi-layered protection designed for peace of mind across the hybrid cloud.


Data Recovery

Fast, reliable recovery when you need it, where you need it.


Data Freedom

Protect all your data, anywhere, any way, with zero lock-in.

Veeam Data Platform

Be resilient in a world of cyberthreats

  • Trusted Immutability
  • Cyber-resilient
  • Hybrid Cloud Optimized

Backup Is Your Best Line of Defense

When your data is compromised or destroyed, your backups are your best line of defense. As a direct result, your backups are now the prime target of cybercriminals, making this an existential threat to your business, creating the unfortunate reality that:

  • Unlike a flood or a fire, a bad actor is actively working against you
  • Backup repositories are the most targeted during attack
  • Compromised backups are rendered completely unusable

Secure Backup is Critical to Cyber Resiliency

Cyber resiliency is particularly crucial in the context of dealing with ransomware attacks, since recovering from an attack isn't easy. At Vela Sistemi srl, we prioritize Cyber Resiliency. We make sure that everything we do will help you successfully back up and secure your data so you can get back into production after a crisis.


of organizations can't recover quickly enough to achieve full productivity


of orgs have gaps between data backup frequency vs. acceptable data loss


of companies experienced at least one ransomware attack in the past year


of victims stated that their backup repositories were affected



Veeam's Approach to Ransomware

Ensure swift recovery with replicas, snapshots. and high-speed repositories for meeting RTOs, avoid data re-infection with YARA analysis, and streamline tasks through automated documentation, testing and verification.

Relentless Security

New features like early detection, SIEM integration and proactive threat hunting, coupled with Veeam's immutability, backup verification, and secure access, create a robust and relentless security approach.

Reduce Your Attack Surface

Harden your infrastructure with Security & Compliance Analyzer and data best practices while monitoring for errors and anomalies. I/O Anomaly Visualizer ensures the lowest possible data loss thanks to Veeam CDP.

Recover From Anywhere, to Anywhere

Meet your RTOs while ensuring you avoid reinfection with YARA content analysis. Let automation take the wheel for time-intensive tasks like documentation, testing, and verification so that you con restore your data from anywhere and back to product 5x faster.

Veeam Keeps Your
Backups Secure


Veeam Keeps Your Backups Secure From Ransomware

Veeam offers an all-in-one ransomware backup and recovery solution that is both efficient and secure. With advanced features like Instant VM Recovery and Secure Restore, Veeam enables quick data restoration while ensuring the integrity of your files.

Clouds are Just as Susceptible to Ransomware Attacks

Nowadays, organizations are asking themselves how many clouds are necessary. They wonder how their IT teams will manage all their clouds while ensuring cyber security prevention, data protection, and other tasks.


Veeam Keeps Your Backups Secure From Hybrid Cloud Acceleration

Native data protection that’s built for specific environments, all wrapped up under a single, easy-to-manage platform and license that never boxes you in.

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